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Annual Report 2019


Auditors' Report for the year 2018

 Auditors' Report


Tue *26th Nov for 4th MGTN (playing  RHKR videos or James Bond title as majority present may choose)


Dear Members,


Firstly, please be aware that there is still a slight chance that the above date might be further changed in view of the chaotic situation around town recently, and that which change if any (just like all FUTURE exact dates & other details about MGTN) would only be announced on VA's website (www. rhkr.org) but NOT by separately emailing all members, because the latter has to be made from the computer in our Clubhouse which might not be readily accessible at all time. Hence, those intending to participate should DOUBLE-check with that website at least once 3 HOURS before the following starting time for this event.


Secondly, Tue 26th Nov date this time is the 4th Tue of this month, and not the 3rd one on 19th as earlier projected due to another organization renting our

Clubhouse on that night. As such, it is anti-cipated that for future months for which such MGTN (=Monthly Get-Together Night) having been appro-ved by our

Board of Directors, they will take place on the 4th Tue of each month (unless announced otherwise), and SUBJECT TO last-minute changes at least 3 hours

ahead so that the aforesaid self-confirmation (along with viewing of VA website early in each month)  should be observed by intending participants.

As before (except last time when it had to be condensed into 2 sessions by agreement among those attending as described below ), this MGTN will consist of the following 3-parts:

(1) CCS=Chit-Chat Session (酒鬼會) 530-700pm on cash basis in our Clubhouse;
(2) MVS=Movie Session (電影會) 700-830pm FREE of charge in our Clubhouse too , with a James Bond title (or another one esp video of parades, camps,

exercises etc of RHKR, to be voted on by those present with the losing title to be definitely scheduled for the following month if so requested) for that night, while BYOS=Bring Your Own Snack is encouraged; and 
(3) BCS=Big Chow Session (大食會) 900pm onwards on cost-sharing basis at nearby 北海中心稻香酒家 (tel.#=8300-8121, reservation under the name of VA). 


In view of those historic RHKR videos referred to above (including 1985 passing-out parade & other mostly earlier ones), we particularly urge our older members to come join us this time. Also, as usual, all members, full or associate, are welcome to come to any one OR more of the aforesaid sessions to meet old & new friends!

As before too, although last-minute participants will be equally welcome to the extent sitting capacity permits, intending attendees are encouraged to PRE-REGISTER (with NO obligations whatsoever).


Such pre-registration should be done by emailing clubmanager@rhkr.org (& copying   frankmiu@hotmail.com) the following info ASAP: (a) Family Name, (b) Given Name, (c) Sex, (d) Age (optional for female), (e) Last Sqn affiliation (if full member), (f) Occupation (if retired, please so state along with last pre-retirement one).


(1) Overall

Although the attendance on that occasion was again only about a dozen or so come & go, partly because Jessica Park & her Auxi Air Force contingent was absent due to trip back to UK, we had encouraging new developments, esp those involving the following 2 VSPs (=Very Special Persons).


Associate member Paul Mounsey, who retired from the police force 5 years ago & is now secretary of the Old & Bold, graced us with his presence this time along with our last regimental Adjutant Albert Lam, who came for the second time to continue the story-telling about RHKR that we asked of him last time.


(2) Condensed 2 sessions


With that story-telling soon expanding into other hotly discussed topics, and partly because of the 10pm MTR “curfew“, it was agreed among all present to postpone the James Bond DVD viewing till next time, so that the Chit-Chat Session would have 1 more hour till 8pm.


Thereafter, all including those 2 VSPs adjourned to the planned nearby eatery, and followed up with lively discussions over dinner till 930pm. For that brought-forward BCS(=Big Chow Session) cum continued CCS(=Chit-Chat Session), we were again over- whelmed with the presence of Ronnie Chan of former A Sqn on wheel-chair as he did last time. Moreover, he declared that he would join us every time henceforth .


Also, Ronnie told us on his wheelchair that he was the tall chubby young man in the 1971 NCO Course graduation photo (6th left standing in 2nd row, see attached) that was recently circulated within A Sqn & 17th Recruit Cadre (1970)WhatsApp groups. That photo also had Frank Miu the head of our Clubhouse Enlivening Group ("CEG") in the front row extreme left half-kneeling & Chairman Joseph Pau 3rd left standing in the second row, both also youthful & sharp-lookig. Talk about those good old days!


(3) Matters arising


Paul mentioned that he would try in the future to get more of his ex-police officer friends (many being our associate members too) to come join us for MGTN's, and so did Albert as to Ex-Servicemen's Association (HKESA, which is a confederation of 4 old soldiers' organizations) of which he is the Chairman.


Moreover, Albert invited us to also go join in the activities of HKESA on the 4th Fri eve in odd months at its HK venue (right next to the Central Public Library underneath the traffic over-pass). He also proposed that we organize a talk to its members (of even older average age than our VA, as a retirement interest /pursuit similar to art craft study/collection) about the 31-item replica classic personal firearms on permanent display in the recessed corner by the window area in our Clubhouse.


I agreed readily to that idea, but indicated that it would have to be either a series of 3 talks of 1.5 hours for each of the 3 categories of that collection, or else an extended weekend afternoon session of about 5 hours. For that, I would prepare for presentation after the Spring Festival coming January, with a view to also presenting same to our own VA members.    


Frank Miu
Director / MGTN Coordinator

1971 NCO Cadre

Congratulation to the following members who were elected as Directors of the Board of The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) Association 2019/2020 at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

1)      Mr PAU Chi-leung, Joseph  

2)      Mr WAN Shun-shing 
3)      Mr CHENG Kin-moon  
4)      Mr TO Chi-keung, Gary 
5)      Mr CHEUK Kin-lop, Kent
6)      Mr CHAN Man-wai
7)      Mr LO Tit-koon
8)      Mr YUEN Man-kam, Bernard

9)      Mr FONG Heng-hou 
10)    Mr KAO Chun-keung  
11)    Mr SIN Ting-kwong 
12)    Mr Chan Keung Kai 
13)    Mr Lee Chi Shing 
14)    Mr Lam Kwok Wing 
15)    Mr Frank Miu


2 September 2019

Mr John MacKenzie - Chevalier de L'Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur
Dear Members,

We have received a message from Mrs Marian MacKenzie, informing us that her husband, Mr John MacKenzie, has been appointed to the rank of 'Chevalier de L'Ordre national de la Legion d'honneur' by H.E. the President of France. Mr John MacKenzie (now 89) joined the Army at Perth (Scotland) on his 18th Birthday and was engaged in infantry training on D-day 1944, completing this in December that year. In convoy from Tilbury in January, 1945 he was rescued when his troopship (HM-LST415) was torpedoed in the North Sea. He joined the 5/7th. Bn. Gordon Highlanders in Holland at Gennep, Reichswald Forest in February, 1945 and saw further action at Goch (Siegfried Line), the Rhine Crossing at Rees, and through northern Germany to Bremen and Bremerhaven where he marched in the Victory Parade of the 51st Highland Division on 12th. May, 1945. Post WW2 he served with the 2nd. Bn. Gordon Highlanders in Libya in 1946, received a commission in the Royal Artillery in 1947, and was demobilised in 1948. He joined the Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) in October 1954 and was re-commissioned in Hong Kong following the Korean Emergency and served with Royal Hong Kong Defence Force from 1954 until 1964, retiring with the rank of Captain, as O.C. Mortar Platoon. Mr John MacKenzie was a President of the Jaycees (1959) and of the Hong Kong Rotary Club (1975-76). He also served on the Hong Kong Urban Council from 1971 to 1980, and as a Justice of the Peace from 1973 to 1991.

The Secretary
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