An Anecdote from 1967


1967 was the most testing time for the Regiment since the War and the Regiment indeed, true to its motto, stood to it bravely and with perseverance. Many Volunteers had to carry out their normal jobs but were there for their regimental commitments at night which were mainly patrolling the streets in parts of Hong Kong and village penetration patrols,

I was then the SSM of No 2 Recce Squadron (now B Squadron). The Squadron was tasked to mount two 8-men vehicle patrols every night from dusk to dawn covering the area from Causeway Bay to Chai Wan. The aim of this was to prevent Leftist intimidation of the transport workers as well as reporting the sighting of any bombs planted by the Leftists and lastly to keep an eye on the expatriate families of Tai Koo Dock officers quartered at Mt Parker Road.

There were many exciting moments and incidents at the time but the one that immediately comes to my mind was the one when 2 Recce Sqn was posted to Tai Po Government Primary School to conduct village penetration patrols. Tension, excitement and anxiety were ever-present because of the Leftist shooting at Sha Tau Kok and the kidnapping of Trevor Bedford - the District Officer at the time - by farmers on the other side of the Border. I had many a sleepless night sitting downstairs in the squadron storeroom with my San Mig to ensure that the sentries stayed alert.

All the hierarchy of the Squadron were accommodated in the cool comfort upstairs, One night - at about midnight - the then Majors Ivor Daniel, Solomon Bard and Capt Roy Kilvert came dashing downstairs in their silk pyjamas shouting to me that a bomb had just gone off. I came out with San Mig in hand somewhat puzzled at first but in a calm and cool manner tried to quieten them down - I had heard no bomb. I was not to be believed and so the QRF and a patrol were sent out to scan the area but they found nothing. I went around to check the inside of the building and to my relief found that a fluorescent lamp had burst in an upstairs bedroom. It was this that had caused the hierarchy to come tumbling downstairs with such excitement. Satisfied at last, they all went back to bed and allowed to me return to my now-warm can.

Major Nat Ulla


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