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Ferret Armour car
Land Rover
Volunteer Armoured Vehicle 1925-1965

The No.1 Armoured vehicle

The volunteers acquired their first armoured car-Ford chassis.

Ferret Armour car

Manufacturer: Daimler Ltd., Coventry, England.

Armament: 1 x .30 MG in turret.
Engine: Rolls-Royce B60 Mk 6A 6-cylinder in-line liquid-cooled petrol producing 129hp at 3750rpm
Maximum speed: 93km/h
Fuel capacity & range: 96l, 300km
Weight: 4.37 tonn
Length: 3.835m
Width: 1.905m
Height: 1.879m
Armour: 12-16mm
Crew: Two
Manufactured: 1952 - 1971.

Land Rover

The Land Rover is a British manufactured four-wheel drive utility vehicle.

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